March 26, 2024 – BOULDER, CO – Watchmaker Genomics, a supplier of innovative products for molecular analysis, announced the launch of the Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit – designed to streamline and accelerate mRNA library preparation, offering both speed and sensitivity to the genomics community.

The Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit generates high-quality mRNA libraries in under 5 hours with fewer handling and purification steps. Additionally, it delivers exceptionally sensitive and accurate gene expression data, enabling researchers to uncover valuable biological insights. Whether studying differential gene expression, biomarker discovery, or exploring the intricacies of gene regulation, this kit provides a robust solution for a wide range of applications.

“We are thrilled to make this kit widely available,” said Brian Kudlow, Chief Scientific Officer at Watchmaker. “With the ability to quickly generate highly sensitive gene expression data from diverse sample inputs, researchers can now delve deeper into the complexities of gene regulation and expression dynamics.”

Key features of the Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit include:

  • Construct stranded mRNA libraries in under 5 hours
  • Supports input amounts ranging from 2.5 ng to 1,000 ng of total RNA
  • Easily automate with on-magnet washes, fewer cleanup and handling steps, as well as generous overages
  • Improve library complexity and gene detection sensitivity with challenging low-input samples

The launch of the mRNA product expands the company’s RNA solutions portfolio, which already includes total RNA sequencing with Polaris rRNA and globin depletion for FFPE and blood analysis. This addition complements Watchmaker’s premium DNA solutions portfolio, specifically designed for germline, somatic, and liquid biopsy sequencing applications.

About Watchmaker Genomics
Watchmaker Genomics applies advanced enzymology to enable breakthrough applications for the reading, writing, and editing of DNA and RNA. The company combines domain expertise in protein engineering with large-scale enzyme manufacturing to address the demanding quality, performance, and scale requirements of high-growth clinical genomics applications. Watchmaker’s product portfolio includes enzymes and kits for next-generation sequencing, synthetic biology, and molecular diagnostics. For more news and updates, follow Watchmaker Genomics on Twitter or find us on LinkedIn.

Media Contacts:

Jen Pavlica
Sr. Product Manager, Strategic
Watchmaker Genomics