Precision amplified

Equinox Library Amplification Kits deliver excellent fidelity, uniform sequence coverage, and high library complexity to specifically address the stringent demands of applications such as rare variant detection, circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) analysis, single-cell analysis, and hybridization capture. Kits contain a uniquely engineered, ultra-high fidelity DNA polymerase in an optimized hot start PCR mix formulated for high efficiency, low-bias NGS library amplification.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Low-frequency variant detection NGS assays, including those utilizing challenging samples such as FFPE and cfDNA

  • Hybridization capture workflows

  • Single-cell analysis

  • Whole genome sequencing

  • Amplicon sequencing
  • RNA-Seq
  • ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and associated epigenetic applications
  • Illumina and non-Illumina sample preparation workflows

Key Performance Data

Ultra-high fidelity system enables high sensitivity applications

The Equinox Amplification Master Mix contains a proprietary proofreading polymerase optimized for ultra-high fidelity amplification, delivering a 40% reduction in overall polymerase error rate in comparison to KAPA HiFi HotStart ReadyMix. This enables sensitive variant detection by helping to minimize overall error rates and reducing false variant calls. The significant reduction in C>T substitutions is particularly important as this mutation is associated with the spontaneous deamination of methylated cytosine to uracil, and is also one of the most common mutation types in cancers.

Low-bias amplification delivers uniform UMI family coverage

Unique Molecular Indices (UMIs; also known as molecular barcodes) are added to sequencing libraries prior to PCR amplification to enable accurate bioinformatic identification of PCR duplicates and improve variant calling in low-input applications. However, biased amplification, where a small number of molecules are preferentially amplified at the expense of others, results in uneven representation across UMI families and can generate a large number of singleton UMI bins, which are not compatible with error correction. A significant amount of additional sequencing may be required to attain requisite coverage of low abundance sequences. Equinox Library Amplification Kits enable uniform amplification across UMI families, supporting coverage for >75% of all read families (and >90% of read families with GC content from 25 – 75%) within 3X of the mean family depth.

Effective hot start formulation safeguards automated performance

The Equinox Amplification Master Mix is formulated with a highly effective hot start mechanism, which strongly inhibits both the 5’→ 3’ polymerase and 3’ → 5’ exonuclease activities of the enzyme. Such inhibition mitigates primer and low input sample degradation, as well as artifacts resulting from nonspecific amplification, improving sensitivity in low-input applications and better facilitating automated library construction.

High-efficiency amplification limits bias and artifacts

The Equinox Library Amplification Kit delivers high efficiency amplification, making it possible to limit amplification bias and artifacts by reducing the number of cycles needed to generate the desired yield for downstream steps. Amplification efficiency remains robust when targeting yields greater than 1000 ng, minimizing bias for applications demanding high yields, such as hybridization capture workflows.

Uniform amplification improves sequencing economy

Equinox Library Amplification Kits introduce minimal amplification bias, even in the presence of paramagnetic beads. This simplifies the workflow, as well as ensures compatibility with hybridization capture workflows. Additionally, Equinox delivers even coverage uniformity across complex genomes which can reduce the amount of sequencing needed to achieve desired coverage depths.