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Watchmaker is dedicated to improving the quality of reagents for high-stringency molecular biology applications where data quality is critical. We believe enzyme quality and differentiation is the key to unlocking meaningful assay improvements.

Leveraging our expertise in protein engineering, computational biology, and high-scale enzyme production, we purpose-build enzymes to address performance gaps in these challenging applications. Our portfolio includes:

  • Precision Enzymes: Enzymes engineered specifically for demanding applications
  • Core Enzymes: Workhorse enzymes of broad utility manufactured to high purity

Key Highlights

  • Ever-expanding portfolio of engineered and core enzymes manufactured to high scale and purity for sensitive applications
  • Developed and manufactured in an ISO 13485:2016-certified environment
  • Rigorous enzyme development and manufacturing processes ensure quality performance across lots
  • Custom formats available, including high concentration to support lyophilization applications
Watchmaker Genomics-Application Pillars
Category Product Description

Precision Enzymes

Reverse Transcriptases StellarScript HT+ Delivers best-in-class thermostability and inhibitor tolerance
StellarScript HT Provides increased thermostability and inhibitor tolerance
StellarScript Offers template switching and robust performance
DNA Polymerases Equinox Polymerase* Yields excellent fidelity, uniform sequence coverage, and high-complexity PCR products

Core Enzymes

RNase Inhibitors RNase Inhibitor Protects RNA from degradation at temperatures ≤ 55°C
DNA Polymerases phi29 Displays strong strand displacement activity and processivity for isothermal amplification
Taq Exhibits 5′ → 3′ exonuclease activity, lacks 3′ → 5′ exonuclease activity, and has strong terminal transferase activity to generate A-tailed products
Ligases T4 DNA Ligase Joins blunt and cohesive (sticky) ends, and repairs single-stranded nicks
Kinases T4 Polynucleotide Kinase Prepares DNA for ligation through 5’ phosphorylation and 3’ dephosphorylation
Single-strand DNA binding proteins T4 Gene 32 Protein Assists isothermal amplification applications

* 2X and 4X mastermix formats

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Watchmaker Custom Genomic Solutions

Custom Genomic Solutions

Custom formats, white label kitting, single-lot shipments, custom certificates of analysis, advanced change notification, and flexible terms for any size organization

Watchmaker Equinox Library Amplification Kits

Equinox Library Amplification Kits

Ultra-high-fidelity DNA polymerase in an optimized master mix, specifically developed for high-efficiency, low-bias NGS library amplification

Watchmaker Custom Genomic Solutions

StellarScript Reverse Transcriptases

A portfolio of M-MLV RTase variants engineered for reduced RNase H activity, increased thermostability, improved processivity, and enhanced inhibitor tolerance