Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits with Polaris Depletion


Sensitivity meets speed

Rapidly prepare whole transcriptome sequencing libraries using Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits with Polaris Depletion. This automation-friendly workflow reduces both total turnaround and hands-on time, as well as consumable use, through a reduction in bead purification and reaction steps.

The highly streamlined Polaris module depletes uninformative, overabundant rRNA and globin transcripts, providing improved coverage of biologically interesting transcripts, including long non-coding RNAs. As a result of its high-efficiency, the workflow delivers superior gene detection sensitivity with inputs as low as 10 ng and FFPE-derived RNA.

RNA-seq Applications

  • Whole-transcriptome sequencing (WTS), where both protein-coding and noncoding transcripts are interrogated, from both high-quality and degraded samples

  • Gene expression analysis

  • Isoform, splice variant, and gene fusion identification

  • Single nucleotide variant detection
  • Novel transcript discovery
  • Targeted sequencing protocols employing hybridization capture
  • Workflows that employ unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) for improved sensitivity

Highly Automatable Workflow

Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits with Polaris Depletion Workflow

Figure 1. Simplified and streamlined workflow. The Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kit with Polaris Depletion combines and shortens enzymatic steps and has fewer bead purifications, resulting in a highly automatable workflow with significantly reduced hands-on time (approx. one hour) and consumable requirements (approx. 1,000 tips per 96 libraries).

Enhanced RNA Library Prep

  • Generate high-complexity whole transcriptome sequencing libraries in under 5 hours

  • Rapidly and efficiently deplete rRNA and globin transcripts from human, mouse, and rat samples

  • Reduce hands-on time and tip use by up to 25%

  • Increase automatability with fewer purifications and reagent additions

  • Detect more genes with FFPE and low input samples

View our ABRF 2022 poster to see performance data with clinically relevant sample types, including whole blood and FFPE-derived RNA.

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