Can this kit be used to detect coding RNAs?

This kit depletes total RNA of ribosomal and globin RNA. Both coding RNA and long non-coding RNA are represented in the sequencing data.
To focus on only coding RNA, please use the Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit. for coding RNA.

What other RNA Library Prep Kits does Watchmaker offer?
The Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit includes poly(A) enrichment to focus sequencing on coding RNA. This kit is compatible with intact RNA samples.

The Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kit is suitable for total RNA and typically used upstream of target enrichment.  This kit is compatible with both high quality and degraded RNA samples.

Can this kit be automated?

The Watchmaker mRNA Library Prep Kit is highly automatable. The kit was developed with automation in mind and 96 reaction kits include generous overages to account for dead volumes on liquid handling platforms. Visit our automation page for a list of scripts already developed or to contact a member of our automation team regarding your platform and needs.

Is this kit compatible with other (non-Illumina) sequencing platforms?

This kit has been demonstrated to be compatible with Element, Singular and Ultima sequencing platforms.

Does this product support long-read sequencing?

We use random primers to prime during first strand synthesis, which does not support full-length cDNA generation. This makes it unlikely to be compatible with-long read applications.

Do you offer custom formats?

Yes! Watchmaker offers customer fills, packaging, concentrations, and labeling – including private label – designed to meet your unique needs. We offer flexible terms to serve organizations of any size, and our right-sized processes enable rapid turnaround time on customization. Please contact to learn more about our capabilities.

Are you ISO 13485-certified?

Yes! Our Quality Management System has achieved ISO 13485:2016 Certification. Our certificate has been awarded for the design, development, manufacture, contract manufacture, and support of high performing reagents for genomics applications in medical research. Download the certificate here.