I don't see my automation platform listed, can you help automate my workflow?

We would be happy to explore how our Automation Team may be able to help automate your Watchmaker workflow. Please reach out to our Technical Support team to inquire about automation support on your specific platform.

Do your NGS kits include overage for automation?

Yes, all of our 96-reaction NGS prep kits include overages required for automation. Our Automation Team also designs our automation solutions to minimize required overages. For all scripts listed on our Automation Script Availability chart users will have enough overage included in the kit to split a 96-reaction kit up to four times (24-reactions/run) when running the automated workflow.

Can you share viscosity or density information of your reagents for liquid class development?
Unfortunately, we do not have specific density or viscosity information for reagents included in our NGS prep kits, however, in lieu of density or viscosity information we are happy to supply sample kits for liquid class development and optimization. Please reach out to our Technical Support team to request a sample kit for this purpose.
Do you offer large bulk formats?
We provide a variety of bulk formats, including pre-configured options and bulk packaging, which are available for purchase. We can also customize kit component volumes to meet your specific needs. We encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can discuss your specific projects and determine the ideal kit format that meets your specific needs.