Watchmaker combines core competencies in computational biology, protein engineering and enzyme production to build high-performance, precision tools for emerging and high-throughput applications in genomics, molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine, and synthetic biology.

High-resolution, next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications drive the need for increasingly sophisticated sample preparation workflows to enable biologically meaningful measurements from a wide range of sample types and inputs. Our extensive experience with real-word challenges in inherited disease, somatic oncology, transcriptomics, and epigenomics allows us to purpose-design enzymes and workflows to address unmet needs related to throughput, consistency of supply, and performance. With valuable insights into the inefficiencies, biases, and artifacts resulting from enzymatic fragmentation of DNA, dsDNA ligation, and library amplification, we are able to effect specific and measurable performance improvements in NGS library construction with the ultimate goal of generating data outputs that are a perfect representation of information carried within biological samples.

Watchmaker DNA Library Prep Kit with Fragmentation

Watchmaker DNA Library Prep Kit with Fragmentation is 
designed for the highly efficient conversion of DNA of variable quality into Illumina®-compatible sequencing-ready libraries for germline and somatic whole-genome and targeted sequencing. 
The chemistry and streamlined, single-tube protocol have been optimized to produce libraries 
from a broad range of inputs and sample types while minimizing bias and artifacts. The kit is 
compatible with ultra-low inputs, low-quality DNA samples, and PCR-free workflows.

Equinox Library Amplification Kits

The Equinox Library Amp Kit was developed to address the stringent demands of applications such as rare variant detection, circulating free DNA analysis, single-cell analysis, and hybrid capture. In addition to uniform coverage, minimal bias, and the maintenance of library complexity, these applications require high yield, fidelity, and sensitivity. Many workflows also require robust performance in the presence of PCR inhibitors, such as magnetic purification beads. Kits contain a high-fidelity DNA polymerase in a hot start master mix formulation, specifically optimized for high efficiency, low-bias NGS library amplification. It matches or exceeds current industry standards in all key performance metrics, and can be swapped into existing high- and low-throughput sample preparation workflows for both routine and challenging applications without optimization.

Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits with Polaris Depletion

Rapidly generate high-complexity whole transcriptome sequencing libraries in as little as 5 hours using the Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits with Polaris Depletion. Fewer reagent additions and purification steps ensure automation compatibility. The simplified workflow has also been thoroughly optimized for performance with low input and FFPE samples, resulting in increased gene detection sensitivity.

Watchmaker’s purpose-driven development approach
ensures the needs of rigorous and highly sensitive applications such as
rare variant detection, ctDNA analysis, transcriptomics, epigenetics, and single-cell assays are met.