February 5, 2024 – BOSTON, MA and BOULDER, COVolta Labs, a genomics applications company, and Watchmaker Genomics, a supplier of innovative products for molecular analysis, partner to leverage their technologies to power Volta’s short-read library prep kits.

Volta Labs and Watchmaker Genomics are jointly committed to making efficient, accessible, and cost-effective library prep a reality. With the launch of Volta’s Callisto™ Sample Prep System, Watchmaker Genomics will provide the reagents behind various VoltaPrep™ library prep kits.

“Volta’s digital fluidics technology and their approach to building automated sample prep applications are impressive,” said Trey Foskett, CEO of Watchmaker Genomics. “Watchmaker has a passion for delivering superior data quality with simple and automatable workflows. Combining Volta’s cutting-edge technology with our innovative reagents delivers in both of these areas, and we look forward to a continued partnership.”

“Watchmaker has set the bar high for enzyme engineering and library prep workflow development,” said Udayan Umapathi, CEO at Volta Labs. “We are energized to work with their talented team to address quality, cost, and scalability challenges that currently exist in sample prep. This collaboration is the first in a series of Volta applications that will be powered by Watchmaker chemistry.”

The Callisto™ Sample Prep System offers programmable, precise, and plastic-free liquid manipulation with pre-optimized applications to support short- and long-read sequencing workflows. With a growing menu of library prep kits powered by Watchmaker Genomics’ solutions, Volta will continue to expand the universe of pre-optimized applications available through Callisto and enable labs to maximize advancements in sequencing.

About Volta Labs
Volta Labs is a genomics applications company that has developed a cutting-edge digital fluidics platform to improve the performance, scalability, and consistency of sample preparation for genomic analyses. Volta Labs is transforming the way new biological protocols are developed, implemented, and executed, allowing scientists to focus on what they do best — pushing the boundaries of biology.

About Watchmaker Genomics
Watchmaker Genomics applies advanced enzymology to enable breakthrough applications for the reading, writing, and editing of DNA and RNA. The company combines domain expertise in protein engineering with large-scale enzyme manufacturing to address the demanding quality, performance, and scale requirements of high-growth clinical genomics applications. Watchmaker’s product portfolio includes enzymes and kits for next-generation sequencing, synthetic biology, and molecular diagnostics. For the latest news and updates, find us on LinkedIn.

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Watchmaker Genomics

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Volta Labs