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March 28-30, 2022 | Palm Springs Convention Center | Booth 216

Enjoy some drinks and apps while discovering Watchmaker’s unique approach to innovation that layers specifically engineered enzymes into optimized DNA and RNA library prep workflows to deliver superior results at a reduced cost. You’ll learn about:

  • Watchmaker DNA Library Prep Kits that deliver unprecedented scalability and accuracy, reducing sequence artifacts by up to 90%
  • Equinox Library Amplification Kits that reduce misincorporation rates by up to 40%, enabling highly sensitive applications
  • Our new RNA solution that delivers rRNA and globin-depleted libraries in 5 hours while improving consumable use and data quality

Visit the ABRF Annual Meeting page for more information about the event.

Watchmaker RNA-seq

Sensitivity meets speed

  • Generate sequencing-ready libraries in 5 hours, including rRNA and globin depletion
  • Reduce hands-on time and tip use by up to 25%
  • Increase automatability with fewer purifications and reaction setups
  • Improve performance with low input and FFPE-derived samples

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Improved detection of unique transcripts from FFPE-derived RNA using a novel, rapid whole transcriptome sequencing workflow
Presented by: Travis Sanders, R&D Scientist
Category: Genomics
Technical replicate gene expression correlation plots (TPM > 10) for a very poor quality FFPE sample. The Watchmaker libraries show significantly improved reproducibility.
A highly scalable enzymatic fragmentation library preparation chemistry that greatly reduces sequencing artifacts to enable high sensitivity applications
Presented by: Zane Jaafar, Senior Scientist
Category: Genomics
Hairpin artifact rates for each prep kit using high quality gDNA, in duplicate. Watchmaker libraries achieve comparable rates to gold standard sonication methods and beat other enzymatic fragmentation methods from 4 to 9-fold.
Broadening the NGS Landscape with Watchmaker Library Prep and the Element AVITI™ System
High variant calling accuracy. WGS-optimized libraries (0.5X SPRI) for the AVITI sequencer have enhanced variant calling precision and recall for SNPs and Indels.
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