Watchmaker Genomics at ESHG 2022

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June 1st – 4th | Berlin, Germany | Booth 656

Visit us at booth 656 to learn about our rapid and sensitive RNA and DNA library prep solutions that improve sequence data quality and accuracy with challenging sample types, including FFPE and cfDNA from liquid biopsies:

Breakfast Workshop hosted by Watchmaker

Sunday, 02 June at 8:30 CEST
New York 2
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Part 1: Advancing DNA and RNA NGS library prep solutions to overcome data quality bottlenecks in clinically relevant sequencing applications
Presented by Jen Pavlica, Watchmaker Genomics

Part 2: Customizing Watchmaker DNA PCR-Free Library Prep Kit for Improved NovaSeq X Performance
Presented by Anna Lyander, PhD, Clinical Genomics Stockholm, Science for Life Laboratory, Karolinska Institutet and KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Part 3: Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: Embracing Low Input Methodologies
Presented by Gabriel Minárik, RNDr., PhD, TrisomyTest Ltd.

Scientific Posters

TET-Assisted Pyridine-Borane Sequencing version 1.0 – A rapid, scalable, and non-destructive sequencing approach to methylation profiling
Poster Number: P21.004.C
Monday, 3rd June, 13:00:00 –  14:00:00 CEST

Surveying the RNA-seq landscape: A multi-workflow comparison for mRNA and whole transcriptome sequencing applications
Poster Number: P21.005.D
Monday, 3rd June, 15:45:00 –  16:45:00 CEST

Meet Our Team

We’d love to learn about your projects! Stop by Booth 656 or schedule a meeting to talk about our new products and early access programs.

Jen Pavlica

Sr Product Manager


Ann-Cathrin Lindner

Reg Business Mgr


Amy Liu

Comm Director-EMEA


Dawn Casey

Director, Comm Dev


Heather Maasdorp

Director, Global Support

Heather Maasdorp, Director of Global Support Email

Rajat Roy

Sr. App Scientist


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